Halftoof To0



The second album in the Halftoof series, Halftoof To0 expands the idea of ‘ugly pretty’

Building on Halftoof’s theme of imperfect perfection, Halftoof To0 presents a narrative element through the story of Halftoof. A role ascribed to Psygon himself. The album tells the tale of the producer losing his perceived standing in the world of beats and clawing his way back in with a more formidable and organic voice. The album was made entirely on the MPC1000, SP404SX and a turntabling, echoing the production style of the first project, whilst use more varied techniques to keep the formula fresh. Halftoof To0 also features collaborations with the bassist/musician Louis Scheuer (on ‘PROPa_THoRT’, ‘SuL mArE’ and ‘MAMA@NU_SRNA’) and producer [offbeatninja] (on ‘SuL mArE’). Halftoof To0 continues to build on core themes in Psygon’s music and is an essential album in the producer’s discography.