Halftoof is the first in a series of albums introducing the idea of imperfect perfection.

Focusing on raw production and organic creation, Halftoof was entirely crafted with a SP404 SX sampler, a turntable and a limited set of 15 records. Made over a few months where more technological production methods were¬† off the table, Halftoof introduces a key concept in Psygon’s production. The idea that the even the roughest, rawest beats are beautiful for the key fact that they are not perfect. A concept lovingly referred to by the producer as ‘ugly pretty’. Taking unexpected sample sources and flipping them are also key to this project. ‘Nu Dayz’, ‘Wavedist’ and ‘Lights on the Riverse’ are standout points on this album and the project as a whole is a core part of Psygon’s musical identity.