Izall Nu



Released via the TreeRoot Collective in 2016, ‘Izall Nu’ is Psygon’s fourth major project.

Named phonetically, Izall Nu was written at a time when all experiences and production techniques felt brand new. Crafted in a haze of tonal exploration and experimentation the album represented Psygon’s desire to add musicality to rhythm and textures. Tracks like ‘Margarit0’ and ‘one4seba’ use fuzz, distortion and glitches as melodic elements. ‘Lks $howa’, ‘Fckd ina WuTang T’  and ‘Flava Sayvaa’ show Psygon’s ability to play with rhythm too. Izall Nu is a standout experimental piece in Psygon’s discography and documents a key transitory point in the producer’s career.